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Eye on larger share, HT Media announces launch of a re-vamped Hindustan

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Close on the heels of an intensive ad campaign, HT Media Ltd has announced the launch of its revamped Hindi daily, Hindustan. The fastest growing Hindi daily, as per the latest IRS data, the revamped Hindustan is eyeing a bigger share of the Hindi daily market.

The daily offers its readers all the vital information and news delivering its brand promise of ‘Hindustan gets you prepared’. The price of the revamped Hindustan remains unchanged at Rs 3 and Rs 3.50, depending on the market it is selling in.

Nilanjan Shome, Chief Marketing Officer, HT Media Ltd, said, “With the recent market surveys of the Indian media suggesting that Hindi is the medium of instruction for more than 50 per cent of the Indian population, Hindustan decided to re-work its positioning and target this extensive market. To be able to cater to the growing young global Indian population, the newspaper has undergone a complete re-engineering in the terms of its content, design and presentation, t…

Patrika strengthens presence in Madhya Pradesh with Bhopal launch

The Rajasthan Patrika Group launched its Hindi daily Patrika in Bhopal on May 25. The daily has been priced at Rs 1.50. The Group is present in six states – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal – offering a bouquet of publications like Rajasthan Patrika, Patrika, Daily News, and evening newspaper News Today.

The Group has embarked on an extensive branding exercise for Patrika’s launch in Bhopal comprising a two-tiered campaign at prominent locations in the city, radio spots, cinema slides at cineplexes, canopies, camel road shows, banners and vehicle branding, motorbike rallies, and direct contact activities.

Arvind Kalia, National Head-Marketing, Rajasthan Patrika, claimed, “Patrika on its first day did a circulation of close to 1.20 lakh copies in Bhopal and nearby areas.”

He further said, “Special magazines would be given with Patrika – ‘Parivaar’ on Wednesdays, ‘Bollywood’ on Saturdays, and ‘Hum Log’ on Sundays. Besides these three magazines, w…

Bhaskar launches tabloid from Bhopal

Feeling the heat after the launch of Patrika's Bhopal edition Dainik Bhaskar has launched a tabloid from the city DB Star. The launch comes a day after Patrika's Bhopal edition hit the stands. The tabloid is available free to the readers of the daily and is priced Re 1 for others. On the other hand Patrika will soon launch Indore and Gwalior editions. The number two player in Bhopal Raj Express is said to have lost circuation to the tune of 10,000 copies after the launch of Patrika.

Hindi Dailies gear up for Himachal Pradesh

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Dhaleta Surender Kumar | afaqs! | New Delhi, May 27, 2008

April, Dainik Bhaskar launched its Shimla edition, and Amar Ujala is planning a Shimla edition in the next couple of months.

Until now, Hindi newspapers reached Himachal Pradesh (HP) with editions from Dharamshala and Chandigarh. Punjab Kesari was the exception. It sent its Jalandhar edition to HP. While the Dharamshala editions served the lower regions of HP, such as Kangra, Una, Hamirpur, Chamba, Mandi and Kullu, the upper regions of Solan, Shimla, Kinnaur and Sirmaur were served by the Chandigarh editions.

After Divya Himachal, Dainik Bhaskar became the first major Hindi newspaper to have a Shimla edition. According to industry sources, it has a print run of around 25,000 copies. The newspaper’s Chandigarh edition, which served the region earlier, had an average circulation of around 18,000 copies, as per ABC figures for July-December 2007.
The leader in HP is Punjab Kesari,…

Jagran Prakashan’s compact I-next hits Patna newsstands today; Ranchi edition in June

Jagran Prakashan Ltd has launched the eighth edition of I-next in Patna on May 27. The ninth edition of I-next is slated to hit Ranchi newsstands in the third week of June. The bilingual compact daily is already present in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Commenting on the new editions, Shailesh Gupta, Director, Jagran Prakashan Ltd, said, “Like most of the mini-metros of India, Patna and Ranchi are also experiencing a major change and a feel-good factor, thanks to the developmental activities in this part of the world. There is a new found confidence and urge among people to live the good life with players like MS Dhoni being so successful at the highest level. All this further fuels the urge to spend more, thus catalysing the economic activities. So, the time is ripe for publishing a daily like I-next, which caters to the segment that is youthful in their approach towards life and is ready to experiment – be it news, lifestyle, trends, fashion, housing or food.”

Alok Sanwal, Project H…

Patrika enters Madhya Pradesh

After long wait and amid speculations regarding launch date Patrika has finally stepped into Madhya Pradesh. This will be first time outside Rajasthan when two arch rivals of Hindi print media space Rajasthan Patrika and Dainik Bhaskar will be face to face. Madhya Pradesh is the home turf of Dainik Bhaskar and it has rivalled Patrika when it entered Rajasthan more than a decade ago. Other players in the Bhopal market are Navdunia, Dainik Jagran, Navbharat and Raj Express. Smaller players may lose in the battle royal.
Rajasthan Patrika's Managing Director and Editor Gulab Kothari in a special editorial has not only hit out at his newspaper's arch rival for bringing down the standard of journalism in Madhya Pradesh but also promised readers of Madhya Pradesh a new dawn.

Rajasthan Patrika to go to Bhopal sans ‘Rajasthan’

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Dhaleta Surender Kumar | afaqs! | New Delhi, May 20, 2008

Bhaskar will be facing heat on its own turf in Bhopal this summer, with two new Hindi newspapers giving it a run for its money. While the NaiDunia Media Group’s NavDunia was launched last month, Patrika will be launched on May 29.

Patrika is actually Rajasthan Patrika, which has dropped ‘Rajasthan’ from its name because Bhopal is in Madhya Pradesh. According to sources at Rajasthan Patrika, Patrika’s initial print run in Bhopal will be 145,000 copies. NavDunia claims to target a circulation of 150,000 copies in the first quarter after its launch.

However, according to the ABC figures for July-December 2007, the leader in the Bhopal market, Dainik Bhaskar, has an average paid circulation of 106,105 in Bhopal city.

“The gap between the No. 1 (Dainik Bhaskar) and No. 2 (Raj Express) in Bhopal is huge. We see a lot of potential in the market,” says an official from Rajasthan Patrika.


Launch Delayed

Rajasthan Patrika's Bhopal edition will now see the light of day somewhere only in the end of May. The launch has been once again delayed due to logistical reasons.

Patrika's Bhopal edition to launch on May 15

Now it's official Rajasthan Patrika's Bhopal edition will be launched on 15 May. Hectic preparations are on for the launch. Dinesh Ramawat will be editorial-in-charge. He is credited with the launch of Patrika's Kolkata edition and 'Daily News' in Jaipur. Preparations are already underway for another edition of Patrika in Madhya Pradesh ie. from Indore.
The launch of Bhopal edition will see Rajasthan Patrika challenging its main rival Dainik Bhaskar in its home turf. Till now they both have been engaged in a bitter fight for market share in Rajasthan. Another Madhya Pradesh based daily Nai Dunia with the launch Navdunia from Bhopal has already sonded the bugle.

बढ़ता प्रसार घटता सरोकारः हाय रे अखबार

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अंबरीश कुमार

मीडिया में पहले दो वर्ग थे. आज तीन हो गए हैं.रेल सेवा के तीसरे, दूसरे और पहली श्रेणी की तरह. इनमें पहला भाषाई प्रिंट मीडिया है, दूसरा अंग्रेजी का प्रिंट मीडिया है और तीसरा अभिजात्य वर्ग है इलेक्ट्रानिक मीडिया.

भूख, भुखमरी और कर्ज में डूबे किसानों का सवाल हो या फिर जल, जंगल, जमीन के मुद्दे, अखबारों में इनकी जगह कम होती जा रही है। अस्सी के दशक में जब हमने पत्रकारिता शुरू की थी तो उस समय समाज के बारे में, जन आंदोलनों के बारे में लिखने का रूझान था। आपातकाल के बाद छात्र आंदोलन खासकर जयप्रकाश आंदोलन से जुड़े नौजवानों का एक वर्ग पत्रकारिता में भी आया। इसका सकारात्मक असर भी दिखा। अस्सी के दशक में ही हिन्दी पत्रकारिता की याचक व सुदामा वाली दयनीय छवि को पहले रविवार ने तोड़ा फिर जनसत्ता के उदय ने इसे पूरी तरह ध्वस्त कर दिया। उससे पहले हिन्दी पत्रकार का वह रूतबा नहीं होता था जो अंग्रेजी के पत्रकार का होता था। सन १९८४ के दंगों में सिखों के कत्लेआम की खबरें जनसत्ता ने जिस अंदाज में दीं, उसने इस अखबार को नई ऊंचाई पर पहुंचाया। इसके बाद के राजनै…

Indian publisher to relaunch Hindi business daily

Indian publishing group Amar Ujala has announced the relaunch of its Hindi business daily by the end of 2008.

“We will relaunch our business daily in Hindi with a new name and style. It will be a breed apart from others and will be launched by the end of this year,” said Sunil Mutreja, President of Marketing at Amar Ujala.

The group had launched a business daily in 1994, which was discontinued in 1999, Media Newsline reported.

“So far the dissemination of knowledge of business and investment is confined to English language only. We've already touched the pulse of Hindi readers and are now keen to offer them the business knowledge in their mother tongue,” Mutreja added.

The new title will compete against the market leaders Business Standard and Economic Times, according to Media Newsline.

Dainik Bhaskar to launch biz daily in July; editor named

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Sruthijith K.K.

New Delhi: DB Corp. Ltd, the publisher of Dainik Bhaskar, India’s second largest newspaper by readership, is set to launch a Hindi business paper by the end of July, according to two company executives familiar with the development.
The executives said while a formal date for the launch hasn’t been fixed, the paper, to be called Bhaskar Business, will launch in all the strong markets of the Dainik Bhaskar and will likely have 10-15 editions. “Yes, we are looking at the business news market and we have firm plans to launch a product,” confirmed Rajiv Jaitly, president for sales and marketing at DB Corp.
Yatish Rajawat, a former associate editor at Business World magazine, has been named the editor of the project and is joining the company on Thursday. “Yes, I’m joining them...and the project will be headquartered in Delhi,” Rajawat said in a phone interview.
DB Corp.’s long-time rival, Jagran Prakashan Ltd, which publishes t…